How to Help

The cafeteria on the second floor of the University Center has been occupied since 11:30AM on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018.
What can you do?
1. Join us! The cafeteria is on the second floor of the University Center. Even if you can’t be here for the long haul, offer to stay for even an hour or two so that someone who’s been here forever can take a break/go to work/etc.
2. Teach your class or host your event at the cafeteria today and for the duration of the occupation. We have already hosted two classes and welcome anyone who would like to hold a class anywhere in the vicinity.
3. Forward this message to your students and excuse them from class so that they may join the occupation
4. Venmo donations for food and supplies to Solidarity-4-Ever to sustain our student/worker occupiers
5. Bring yoga mats, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, mattresses, snacks, fruit, vegetables, extension cords, tampons, board games, video games, and anything you’d want if you were trapped in a box with 100 teenagers to the cafeteria at any time
6. Follow along at the New New School Cafeteria website or on twitter or facebook and keep up with #occupytns and #allofusornone #occupythecaf
7. Forward this email to a friend (or fifty).
Solidarity Forever,
The Occupying Workers and Students

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